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TRAV HART Good, straight up death metal with a hint of Hypocrisy. More please. Favorite track: Respiration of Fear 2012.
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"Wolfhagen" is the newest effort of Dutch metallers Devious. Groovy, melodic, thrashy, fast to mid-tempo death metal. Featuring Alwin Zuur (ASPHYX) on bass. The limited edition, hand numbered metal case CD contains 5 brand new tracks plus 2 rare bonus tracks.


released September 9, 2012

Devious is:

Dennis Lusseveld – vocals
Wouter Huitema – guitar
Guido de Jongh – guitar
Frank Schilperoort – drums
Niels Achtereekte – live bass

“Wolfhagen” recording line-up also features:
Alwin Zuur – bass
Carsten Altena – synths & samplers

"Wolfhagen" EP:

Produced by Guido de Jongh
Mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge, Rhauderfehn, Germany, April 2012 (soundlodge.de)
Drums recorded and guitars amped at Soundlodge, Rhauderfehn, Germany, engineered by Jörg Uken
Guitars and bass recorded at Studio 61, Hengelo, Netherlands, engineered by Guido de Jongh
Vocals recorded at The Crown Studios, Hengelo, Netherlands, engineered by Michiel Toenink
“Respiration of Fear 2012” mixed by Pascal ‘piemeltje’ Altena
“Respiration of Fear (DnB/dubstep remix)” by Carsten Altena, mixed by Pascal Altena

Session bass guitar by Alwin Zuur
Additional synths and samplers by Carsten Altena (carstenaltena.nl)
All music by Guido de Jongh except “Her Divine” by Wouter Huitema and Guido de Jongh

All lyrics and vocal patterns by Dennis Lusseveld, except “Sinner of Greed” and “Wolfhagen” by Dennis Lusseveld, Frank Schilperoort and “Respiration of Fear 2012” by Frank Schilperoort, Wouter Huitema, Arnold Oude Middendorp

Layout, artwork and Devious logo by Hrödger Design
Photography by Nera K. (nera-k.com)


Band contact:

We want to thank Gerard de Koning, all above for making this awesome recording possible and we thank
YOU for supporting us!
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Devious Hengelo, Netherlands

Dutch metal band DEVIOUS has just finished working on their long awaited release “WOLFHAGEN”.

New singer Dennis Lusseveld makes his first appearance on these recordings, as well as the brutal bass thunders of Alwin Zuur (Asphyx).

Devious' fifth effort is a groundbreaking, heavy portion of grooving and melodic 2012 metal, supplemented with some classical influences.
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Track Name: One Man Horde
Life was severe
Poverty was prevalent
Some seek their way
For redemption of existence

Maybe they might escape
To search the salvation of life

World full of enticement
Leads to all the anger
Desire and covetousness
Challenged to deception

He brought all men to fall
Words made them crawl
One man horde gained renown
To burn it down

Many letters he had written
All threats elaborated
Deprived of their assets
Who refused was not be spared

Resources in large amounts
Deeds of barratry had become

One man horde

Creating illusions of majority
No compassion, ruthless he was
Arson was his answer
When demands were not complied

Mindless, careless
Only speak when spoken to
Fatal mistake
The afterlife is coming soon
Track Name: Sinner of Greed
He was welcomed at the peasant’s house, for the night to stay
The merchant answered gratefully, unwitting of the price to pay
His body tried to fall asleep
But his mind kept him awake

Night fell, he could hear them speak
His death was to fulfill the sinner’s greed
Trapped he was, no chance to leave
Hiding in the dark, fate could not be escaped

Finally the door was opened, a portal to his end
The deadly silhouette approached, knife in hand

He fought, struggling for life
The sinner’s son stood aside, his axe prepared to strike
They dragged him to his destiny
Becoming the final victim of the Sinner of Greed

You’re invited, to lay to rest. In his house, be his guest

He thrives when all live in fear
Are you next to volunteer?
Insensitive to human sorrow
His avarice beyond control

All of life was controlled by mortal agony
From the path of wealthy traders, no man returns

The Sinner of Greed
Nothing could fulfil his precious needs
The Sinner of Greed
He take lives, nothing he leaves

They are accustomed to having it all
Never hesitate to use violence for their own benefit

The Sinner of Greed
Now bound to a chair that makes him bleed
The Sinner of Greed
For more than a hundred days, the end is near

Limbs were broken, one by one, on the wheel of punishment
The hangman held a cord, his strangled wife at the end
Hung in iron chains
Their bodies were displayed
The cabin fever’s gone, but the legend lives on
Track Name: Wolfhagen
Life of sorrow left behind
Persistence, new state of mind

Among those, who provide subsistence and identity
Sense of belonging, to a family
Across the land seeking my purpose, I came
Now it’s time to prove my bravery

Pride – dread – reverence – rage
Pride to my new descent
Dread, we will all embrace
Reverence, we invoke with our semblance
Fields shall be razed

From here we ride, and leave it all behind
At night we slay and take what is ours

Wolfhagen, where I raised my hand and took the oath
Wolfhagen, where I received the blessings from below

Residents of surrounding villages, living in fear
They do not know, who’s next to suffer
The brutal slaughter, every night
They keep their sentry alive
Waiting for the ghost riders to slay

Entering the weakened settlement, they cannot hide
Cowards first, then crush them all
United force, makes us strong
And we have all to overcome
Riding home profuse and proud

Across the land I came, my purpose I’ve found
Now I am the example of bravery
Track Name: Her Divine
In silence
This violence
No conscience
Her deliverance

So innocent and inviting
Adored by many
Her existence is known to all
Intentions unknown

For days the virus brought to you
Weakened by her recipe
Body caused permanent damage
Awaiting the last breath to breathe

Prepare the silent nightmare
Decay for the masses
Their forgiveness been denied
Their demise... Her divine

Feeding with constant remorse
The medicine is injected
Swallowed by immense quantities
Impending doom, all infected

Filled with pain from the inside out
It is already too late
Body heat gives in for cold
New suffering was sustained

Control the destiny of those
Who carefully are chosen
To die by her good care
Her divine exposed
Track Name: Respiration of Fear 2012
Their fate lies in your hands
If you act now, it’s not too late
But fail to comply
And in a foreign land a child will die
Famine rules your world
You can barely keep yourself alive
Short of nutrition
Then why produce more mouths to feed

Respiration of fear
Through what you see and hear
Exposed to signals of threats
Respiration of fear

Somewhere, a massacre
All details printed in your mind
Reflected on your world
The lack of security becomes clear
And so you see
Measures are taken in equal situations
Not baring in your mind
The mental state of one single perpetrator

They make you believe
If you do as you please
The world will fall apart
You’re rapped in a vacuum of lies

You are not aware
Of what is put into your head
Illusions and twisted facts
That form the truth you must believe
Your daily dose
Administered through feeding tubes
Easy to digest
But poisoning your consciousness